Nektar++ Workshop 2022

The 6th annual Nektar++ Workshop will bring together developers and users of all experiences to hear about new and future developments in the Nektar++ spectral/hp element framework and the exciting science and engineering being undertaken with the code. The three days will include a comprehensive programme of talks and a poster session. The workshop will be run […]

Nektar++ on the JUWELS supercomputer

In this post we will explain how to compile and run Nektar++ on the JUWELS supercomputer. The JUWELS supercomputer consists of two modules, the cluster module and the booster module. The booster module contains Nvidia GPU accelerators, and is not going to be covered in this post. Instead, we will focus on the booster module, […]

Mesh conversion from Pointwise/Gridgen to Nektar++

In applications Pointwise (or the predecessor Gridgen) is a popular mesh generation software. In this post we go through the procedures to convert the linear mesh generated by Pointwise/Gridgen to arbitrary high order mesh for the solvers in Nektar++. The mesh conversion takes advantage of the already implemmented Gmsh interface in Nektar++. Assume we have […]