Mesh conversion from Ansys ICEM CFD to Nektar++

This blog is contributed by Mr Zhaoyu Wang.

1, In Ansys ICEM CFD, export the mesh to Nastran: “File/Export Mesh/To Nastran”

2, Assign the file name and mesh type, then click “Apply”. A mesh.dat file is exported.

3, Open the mesh.dat file in gmsh,

4, Define the boundaries and fluid domain in “Geometry/Physical groups/Add”. For surface mesh, it is “Add Surface”. For volume mesh, it is “Add Volume”. They need to be pre-defined in ICEM.

5, Open the auto-generated geo file by clicking “Edit script”. Check the Physical Surface and Physical Volume

6, Save the mesh as msh file.

7, Run NekMesh to convert the msh file into xml file.