Getting the Source Code

Our source code is managed through our GitLab repository. Anyone can clone a copy of the repository as follows:

git clone nektar++

Contributor access

If you would like to contribute back to the project, we encourage you to create an account on our GitLab instance and clone the repository using these credentials.

  1. Visit our Gitlab website: and sign up for an account. Please use your institutional email address, rather than free email accounts (such as gmail, hotmail, yahoo).
  2. If you do not already have an SSH key, generate one on your local computer (e.g. using the ssh-keygen utility on Linux). Take care not to overwrite any existing keys!
  3. In your profile, add the public part (e.g. contents of under SSH keys.
  4. Clone the git repository using your account:
git clone nektar++

Note: Do not modify the username git in the above command. All access to git is through the git user using the SSH key(s) configured in GitLab.


Archive packages for each release are also available here. You should unpack the tarball using:

tar -xvf [filename]

replacing [filename] with the name of the downloaded file.

Compiling the code

The general process to compile on Linux-based operating systems is

cd nektar++-x.x.x
mkdir build && cd build
ccmake ../
make install

where x.x.x corresponds to the version of the code. The version number is omitted for code cloned from the git repository.

For details on the compilation process, and for instructions for other operating systems, please consult the User Guide.

Testing the code

After compilation is complete, the suite of tests can be run using