Getting the code

Pre-compiled code

If you wish to just use Nektar++ for running simulations, we recommend downloading a pre-compiled binary distribution package for your distribution from the ‚ÄčDownloads page.

If you plan to develop new code or extend the existing functionality, or would just prefer to compile it yourself, there are two ways to get the code:

Clone our git repository

Clone our git repository anonymously (read-only) or using authenticated access (read-write).

Download a source code package

You should then unpack the tarball using:

tar -xvf [filename]

replacing [filename] with the name of the downloaded file.

Compiling the code

The general process to compile on Linux-based operating systems is

cd nektar++-x.x.x
mkdir build && cd build
ccmake ../
make install

where x.x.x corresponds to the version of the code. The version number is omitted for cloned copies of the code.

For details on the compilation process, and for instructions for other operating systems, please consult the User Guide.

Testing the code

After compilation is complete, the suite of tests can be run using