Industry-relevant implicit LES via spectral/hp element methods

In our new work to appear in SIAM Review later this year, we present the successful deployment of high-fidelity Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) technologies based on spectral/hp element methods (SEM) to an industry-relevant configuration. The simulation is carried out on a real automotive car, namely the Elemental Rp1 model (see figure 1). In the paper, we […]

Nektar++ on ARCHER2

Nektar++ on ARCHER2
The ARCHER2 national supercomputer is a world class advanced computing resource and is the successor to ARCHER. This guide is intended to provide basic instructions for compiling the Nektar++ stable release or master branch on the ARCHER2 system.

Speed Comparison among Nektar++ Solvers

Speed comparison between Nektar++ solvers
There are various flow solvers built in Nektar++ that exploit different numerical approaches. This this article provides some results on the comparison of four different solver setups that are commonly used, based on two standard benchmark cases.