Nektar++ is a tensor product based finite element package designed to allow one to construct efficient classical low polynomial order h-type solvers (where h is the size of the finite element) as well as higher p-order piecewise polynomial order solvers.

The framework comes with a number of solvers and also allows one to construct a variety of new solvers. Example solvers and tutorials on their use are documented in the Nektar++ user guide, available from the Documentation page.

Our current goals are to develop:

  • Automatic auto-tuning of optimal operator implementations based upon not only h and p but also hardware considerations and mesh connectivity.
  • Temporal and spatial adaption.
  • Features enabling evaluation of high-order meshing techniques.

The framework currently has the following capabilities:

  • Representation of one, two and three-dimensional fields as a collection of piecewise continuous or discontinuous polynomial domains.
  • Segment, plane and volume domains are permissible, as well as domains representing curves and surfaces (dimensionally-embedded domains).
  • Hybrid shaped elements, i.e triangles and quadrilaterals or tetrahedra, prisms and hexahedra.
  • Both hierarchical and nodal expansion bases.
  • Continuous or discontinuous Galerkin operators.
  • Cross platform support for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.