• Nektar++ on the JUWELS supercomputer
    In this post we will explain how to compile and run Nektar++ on the JUWELS supercomputer. The JUWELS supercomputer consists of two modules, the cluster module and the booster module. The booster module contains Nvidia GPU accelerators, and is not […]
  • Meshing complex geometry using SOLIDWORKS and STAR-CCM+
    For complex geometries, we can use Solidworks to build the CAD model and use star-ccm+ for mesh generation. This blog gives a step-by-step instruction on the mesh generation of a round-tip wing.
  • Mesh conversion from Ansys ICEM CFD to Nektar++
    Ansys ICEM CFD is a popular mesh generation software. In this blog, we show how to convert the mesh generated by ICEM to Nektar++ format.
  • Mesh conversion from Pointwise/Gridgen to Nektar++
    In applications Pointwise (or the predecessor Gridgen) is a popular mesh generation software. In this post we go through the procedures to convert the linear mesh generated by Pointwise/Gridgen to arbitrary high order mesh for the solvers in Nektar++. The […]
  • Post-processing flow fields in the finite-difference grid
    The visualisation of the flow fields output by Nektar++ may not look smooth if the resolution is not enough. A feasible solution is interpolating the spectral element field to a finite difference grid and then doing the post-processing using a Gaussian filter.
  • Post-processing on ARCHER2
    In this post, you will learn how to run an interactive job on ARCHER2 for postprocessing using Paraview.